Tango Skills – Change of Direction

Schedule: Wednesdays 8-9pMarcoElise3

Welcome back! If you have tango experience, or you’ve taken our Tango Beginner’s series, it’s time to deepen your knowledge.


In this 6-week series we will discover in detail one basic element of tango: the change of direction.


This is one of the fundamentals for moving smoothly on the dance floor with speed and precision.

We designed this series to guide students to the discovery of this theme, from beginners to a solid intermediate level for this particular topic.

This seminar is part of a bigger program of themes that will increase your knowledge of tango in a systematic way.


All seminars within the program include:
A) the “giro” or turn – Complete
B) change of direction
C) musicality, phrasing and rhythm
D) “sacadas,” or intercepting steps
E) captures, sweeps, passing steps & ornaments


Required level: tango beginner


Target level at the end of the series: intermediate on the theme.


Cost: $15 drop in, $79 for the whole 6 week series, $150 for a couple for the whole 6 week series,  or use your current Celestine class pass!


The pass is valid for all weekly classes at Celestine.

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